We are always looking for a corner to place a plant that fills our green spaces; therefore, artificial grass is a viable option that allows us to have a garden at a rather low cost.

However, when considering this option, questions always arise regarding the advantages and disadvantages that may be intuited but are not known for sure.

Decorating gardens with our artificial grass

Our artificial grass is a trend in decoration and is one of the most useful for decorating large areas, furniture, swimming pools and even commercial terraces. In fact, it’s perfect for a beautiful green garden all year round.

In addition, our artificial grass is ideal because it needs 0 maintenance, which will save you all the costs derived from this. In the same way, it is ideal for children and pets, those you always want to protect.

If this doesn’t convince you, the guarantee of durability, the price and the confidence that the installers of artificial grass that we have in Evolution Grass will give you.

Advantages of decorating gardens with artificial grass

Decorating a garden with artificial grass has only advantages:

  • It’s very easy to install.
  • It gives a real feeling of nature and a neat finish because its fibres are always the same size.
  • There is no need to water it.
  • You can regulate its temperature with the silica sand ballast.
  • It can be easily replaced if it is damaged.

Besides, being a quality lawn it will have fibers:

  • Soft.
  • That they return to the verticality quickly.
  • That they will not shine.
  • Nor will they make noise or cause friction burns.
  • And they will cushion the footprints.

 Why install artificial grass in gardens

As we said before, decorating a garden with artificial grass has only advantages, but let’s be more specific.

 Por qué instalar césped artificial en jardines


The fibers of the artificial turf are manufactured with:

  • Polypropylene: the roughest.
  • Polyethylene: the softest.
  • Polyamide: the most resistant.

The softness is also influenced by the structure of the thread(fibrillated or monofilament) and the types of yarn (textured or straight).


The strongest fibres in artificial turf are made from polyamides, which is a fibre that imitates nature in every way; thus, our artificial turf is using polymers with amide bonds that make it super strong, ideal for gardens and football, rugby and golf pitches, for example.


This means that the fibre of the artificial grass must return to vertical in the shortest possible time once it has been stepped on, either by human weight or by garden furniture, swimming pools, etc.

Can I decorate the garden without damaging it?

Without a doubt you can. A garden is a habitable and passable place, where you spend a lot of time. If the verticality of the lawn that we place is optimal, the fibre will return to its vertical position without any problem; for them we must help ourselves with the filling which can be silica sand, rubber or coconut fibre.

¿Puedo decorar el jardín sin que se estropee?

Is it possible to put an inflatable or removable swimming pool on the lawn?

No problem, remember that artificial grass has drainage properties that will keep the garden free of puddles.

Does it prick or burn if you go barefoot?

It should not puncture or burn, only if the grass is of poor quality or has already served its purpose.

If it is installed in a place where the sun shines for several hours a day it could burn, but if it is watered it will lower its temperature immediately.

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