There are many types of artificial grass, so many that sometimes it is difficult to choose which one to use, but it is important to consider which one will be best for the safety of our children. This way, they should be soft, resistant and not deform so easily.

Their main characteristics are that they have a healthy benefit for children since they are treated with anti-bacterial materials, do not store static energy, have a cushioning base so that children are protected from falls.  In addition, they must have the best drainage technology, allowing water not to be stored where it should not be.

What are the characteristics of artificial grass for children?

  • It does not build up static electricity.
  • Comfortable for children of different ages.
  • Lawn is treated with anti-bacterial material.
  • It has a drainage system.
  • It has a shock-absorbing base to protect children from falls.
  • Resistant to any temperature.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Made with non-flammable material.
  • Designed to withstand high performance and frequent child traffic.

What kind of artificial grass is better?

When choosing the artificial grass, we must take into account the one that best suits your needs, so it is important to know in detail the types, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that exist and advise us with people trained in the area.

That it is easy to install, durable, that it supports different types of weather and that it is not toxic for our children and pets is essential.

¿Qué características tiene el césped artificial para niños?

Frequently Asked Questions

When installing lawns and decorating the interior of our houses we encounter doubts that are normal, some are:

Is artificial grass hygienic?

Yes, it is totally hygienic and safe because the grass is made of polyethylene, preventing the proliferation of insects and bacteria, so it is not harmful to health. It is easier to maintain because you only need to brush it and spray it with water to clean it.

Is artificial grass soft and can it irritate children’s skin?

Yes, it is soft and does not irritate. The quality of the grass and its fibre makes it totally comfortable to the touch, it does not irritate the skin and can be used by children of any age, avoiding allergies from the manufactured material and making it safe for them.

Does it prick or burn if they go barefoot?

No, artificial grass is softer and more pleasant than natural grass because of its pointed shape. In addition, by placing a small layer of silica sand and watering it moderately during the hours when there is sunshine, it makes it cooler during the activities to be carried out.

Is it possible to place heavy objects on top of it?

Yes, it is possible to put weight on it because the fiber it is made of makes it resistant and it is possible to put decorative furniture on it so that children can play. Moreover, because of its material, it will only need to be brushed to return to its original shape.

Why is artificial turf perfect for schools?

Because when it comes to maintenance it is easier and would save work in doing so. Besides, there are several types of grass and colours that offer a pleasant atmosphere that can be combined making it more fun for children. 

On the other hand, with natural grass we have to be very aware of its maintenance as it tends to be home to numerous insects and we have to mow it every few years.

¿Por qué el césped artificial es perfecto para las escuelas

Is artificial grass safe for children and nurseries?

Yes, because it’s hygienic and safe for children. It does not accumulate bacteria and insect proliferation is prevented as it is made of polyethylene.

Likewise, it is easier to clean, making it very soft to the touch.

Benefits of artificial grass for children to play

Children’s play time is important for their growth and psychomotor development, so we must think about having a suitable space for them.

For that, there is grass that adapts to the needs, thus becoming the preferred place to play and have fun. With this type of grass they will be able to run, jump and practice different sports activities without having to get dirty.

It is very important to keep it clean, supervising it from time to time so that its durability and characteristics are maintained. It does not need machines or tools for its cleaning; in addition, it has different colors of grass to combine and make these a more fun and meaningful space for them.

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