Barbecues are an activity that we like to do outdoors with friends or family and even more so if we have a private garden or patio in our house. For this reason, barbecues are located outside the house, usually in the garden, so if we plan to install artificial grass and barbecue, it is important that we take into account the following considerations.

Fireproof artificial grass

When we want to install an artificial turf in a barbecue area, it is important that we take into account and make sure that it is a fireproof turf, that is to say that it does not light up until some time later. In other words, it does not spread fire.

Despite this basic feature, it is true that we must quickly remove any embers or ashes that come into direct contact with the artificial turf to prevent the area from being affected. In addition, we will be able to greatly enjoy the product’s own advantages beyond those strictly related to fire: you will save time, you will save money and you will save water.

Advantages of fireproof artificial turf

In our shop you will find models of fireproof artificial grass, so you can install it without any worries in a barbecue area. We can guarantee that our synthetic turf has been treated not to spread fire and has passed all the necessary tests, so it will never burn by spreading fire from one area to another.

But it is important to know, that the fact that it is fireproof, does not mean that it is not affected by an ember or the ashes of a cigarette. You have to be very careful at all times, the fire, embers or ashes that fall will not spread the fire, but if it can be affected by heat, so be careful and remove it immediately.

Do not hesitate to contact our professionals for any questions or information you need. Ask for an estimate without obligation and enjoy the great advantages of installing artificial grass.

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