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    Escudo de FortunaChoosing to install artificial grass at Fortuna is the best option for decorating your outdoor spaces without fear of the weather. Furthermore, we are in a town in Murcia characterised by its short, hot summers and long, dry winters.

    Nowadays, thanks to the technological innovations that make up artificial grass, its appearance is more natural; therefore, if you want to keep your garden looking perfect all year round, the best thing to do is to buy a high quality synthetic grass, like the ones we install in EvolutionGrass.

    Advantages of buying artificial grass with Evolution Grass

    • Original decoration: you can install it in unique ways and adapt it to any surface.
    • Savings: not only will you save water, by not needing to water the artificial grass every day, you will also see your electricity bill decrease.
    • Last technological advances: we have the last innovations and technological advances that allow us to install a current and quality artificial grass.

    Installation possibilities

    Ground installation

    Artificial Grass in FortunaTo install it, you must follow a few steps. First you have to neutralize the base; that is to say, place an intermediate mesh that prevents humidity from passing to the grass.

    Installation on concrete

    Artificial Grass in FortunaOn this surface a procedure similar to the installation on tile is usually carried out. Usually the base is level, an advantage at the time of installation; the process consists of placing special glue with a good technique.

    Installation on tile

    Artificial Grass in Fortuna

    This is the simplest process for installing artificial turf.

    All you have to do is prepare the work area, apply the specialised glue and make sure you use an effective cleaning technique that guarantees good work and durability.

    Wall installation

    Artificial Grass in Fortuna

    As it is a vertical surface, we are faced with the most complicated process.

    This trend allows you to play with shapes and colours, making your space interesting and new.

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