Artificial Grass Essence

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    The most accessible artificial turf


    Description and characteristics

    If you are looking for an economical product because you want to save, but at the same time you want to give a different touch to your home, Essence artificial grass is made for you.

    Its composition is based on polypropylene fibrillation, so it does not need to be complemented with infill or expensive maintenance.


    • Height: 6mm 5% 5%
    • Stitches: 14.700 10% 10%
    • Weight: 870 gr/m2 5% 5%
    • Softness: 100% 80% 80%

    ​Applications and Uses

    Indispensable for outdoor areas of your home. Essence grass is ideal for giving a more natural look to the spaces you feel are needed at an unbeatable price. The traffic on this type of artificial grass can be substantial. Don’t hesitate!

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