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    Artificial Grass in Archena​If you want to have an attractive garden, with a magazine green colour all year round, you should consider installing artificial turf.

    Artificial grass is a surface made of green synthetic fibres, similar in appearance to natural grass. Initially, it was developed for sports purposes, but its popularity has grown so much that it has expanded to the commercial, residential and office sectors.

    In addition, for towns with large temperature changes such as Archena, in Murcia, with very cold and dry winters and very hot summers, artificial grass means greater savings than natural grass.

    Advantages of buying artificial grass with Evolution Grass

    • Wide range of artificial grass: the variety depends on the quality, size of the grass, thickness and height. That’s why at Evolution Grass we offer you the best advice thanks to our years of experience.
    • Latest generation fibres: thanks to this, our grass looks very similar to natural grass.
    • Installation on any surface.
    • Saving time and money: it does not require constant watering for maintenance.
    • It can withstand any weather condition: its UVA and anti-freeze treatments allow it to be in perfect condition in any climate.

    Installation possibilities

    Ground installation

    Artificial Grass in ArchenaTo install it, you must follow a few steps. First you have to neutralize the base; that is to say, place an intermediate mesh that prevents humidity from passing to the grass.

    Installation on concrete

    Artificial Grass in ArchenaOn this surface a procedure similar to the installation on tile is usually carried out. Usually the base is level, an advantage at the time of installation; the process consists of placing special glue with a good technique.

    Installation on tile

    Artificial Grass in Archena

    This is the simplest process for installing artificial turf.

    All you have to do is prepare the work area, apply the specialised glue and make sure you use an effective cleaning technique that guarantees good work and durability.

    Wall installation

    Artificial Grass in Archena

    As it is a vertical surface, we are faced with the most complicated process.

    This trend allows you to play with shapes and colours, making your space interesting and new.

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