Drive Blue Artificial Grass

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    Artificial Grass Drive Blue

    Description and characteristics

    Tired of green grass? You want something different for your garden? With Drive Blue artificial grass you can enjoy an ideal surface in blue.

    The following are the facts that make up the artificial turf data sheet for Drive Blue.

    • Recovery: 100%.
    • Smoothness: 90%.
    • Durability: 100%.

    Applications and uses

    Drive Blue artificial grass is designed for heavy-duty surfaces, especially for sports. For example, they are ideal for paddle tennis clubs where people are constantly playing.

    You probably remember many high-performance paddle tennis courts with a blue surface; these courts often have this type of grass because of its high resilience.

    Drive Blue artificial turf technologies

    Artificial Grass Drive Blue

    This technology allows you to increase the longevity of your artificial turf. To do this, they have monofilaments that offer a greater capacity for recovery; in addition, they offer an extra softness that makes it safer to play on this synthetic grass.

    Artificial Grass Drive Blue

    The LongLife technology allows your artificial turf to stay like the first day much longer; to give you an idea, the products that include this system have a life span of over 40,000 wear cycles.

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