Artificial Grass ProTurf Rust

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    The resistance of an artificial turf


    Descripción y características

    Se trata del césped sintético para pádel fabricado con tecnología puntera; es la suavidad hecha césped.

    El césped artificial ProTurf Rust esta compuesto de fibras que dotan al césped de una mayor estabilidad, manteniendo la superficie intacta durante todo el juego.


    • Recovery 100% 100%
    • Softness 90% 90%
    • Duration 90% 90%
    • Height: 12mm 12% 12%

    Applications and Uses

    The ProTurf Rust is ideal for sports or high competition clubs. It is made of polyethylene fibres, fibrillated and has monofilaments. It also has the maximum security and quality, fulfilling all the precepts marked by the Spanish Paddle Tennis Federation.

    Product Technologies

    Artificial Grass ProTurf Rust

    Are you worried that artificial turf won’t keep the freshness of natural grass? The solution is FibreFresh Tech technology, which gives the fibre a central tubular nerve that stores water, allowing the freshness of your garden to be prolonged.

    Artificial Grass ProTurf Rust

    One issue that concerns everyone when buying an artificial turf is its duration, how long it can withstand use, especially if you are planning to install it in places with a lot of use.

    That is why the ProTurf Rust model is made with Tech LongLife technology, which guarantees its durability.

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