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    Artificial Grass in OntenienteWhen you think about remodeling your home with actions such as beautifying your garden, it is inevitable that the first thing that comes to mind is improving the lawn.

    Few people have the time to maintain a natural lawn in perfect condition; besides the economic costs involved. Therefore, the installation of artificial grass is perfect if you want to have a well-kept garden all year round without losing a second of your leisure time.

    If you live in Onteniente and you are thinking of buying artificial grass, at Evolution Grass we have the most qualified personnel for its correct installation.

    Advantages of buying artificial grass with Evolution Grass

    • Qualified personnel: within our services you can count on a qualified personnel to advise you in any doubt you may have. In addition, we provide you with quality materials, with the highest resistance and durability.
    • Anatomical design: the products we use have a great variety of designs that adapt to each consumption, providing a high range of options that allows you more movement when deciding. At the same time, we make sure that you have a proven quality grass that can stay with you for a long season without losing its aesthetic and natural look.

    Installation possibilities

    Ground installation

    Artificial Grass in OntenienteTo install it, you must follow a few steps. First you have to neutralize the base; that is to say, place an intermediate mesh that prevents humidity from passing to the grass.

    Installation on concrete

    Artificial Grass in OntenienteOn this surface a procedure similar to the installation on tile is usually carried out. Usually the base is level, an advantage at the time of installation; the process consists of placing special glue with a good technique.

    Installation on tile

    Artificial Grass in Onteniente

    This is the simplest process for installing artificial turf.

    All you have to do is prepare the work area, apply the specialised glue and make sure you use an effective cleaning technique that guarantees good work and durability.

    Wall installation

    Artificial Grass in Onteniente

    As it is a vertical surface, we are faced with the most complicated process.

    This trend allows you to play with shapes and colours, making your space interesting and new.

    You don’t want to be anywhere else!

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