The softness of the grass is essential if it is to be used inside our home, as it is ideal for children to play and for pets to feel comfortable. The materials with which it is made make the softness of its fibers one of the main characteristics we look for when installing this grass in our spaces.

The importance of softness in artificial turf Why does residential artificial turf have to be soft?

The softness of the grass is important because we want the children to feel comfortable when they play, so they can carry out any activity. Because it is not high traffic, its fibres will return to their original shape more quickly, making it safe from falls.

Soft artificial turf: the best technology for the comfort of your home

Why isn’t artificial sports turf soft?

Because of the fibres it has, it is highly resistant despite the intense use of the players. Also the choice of short, compact fibres means that falls and injuries are greatly reduced.

Disadvantages of soft artificial turf

The disadvantage in this type of grass is its shape since it will not be totally vertical like other models because its fibers are the softest and narrowest of this model.

How is this disadvantage solved on soft artificial grass?

If this type of grass is made with quality products, its fibers will be more resistant and durable, since experts are looking for, investigating and innovating ways to make them return to their vertical form by the footprints:

  • Applying central nerves and giving it a curved shape so that it can remain upright once it is stepped on
  • Make curly fiber filling so that it can be kept vertically.
  • To be manufactured with excellent quality fibers so that they take their proper shape and comply with established standards.
  • Count on the advice of experts to choose the right one and thus avoid future inconveniences.

How does soft artificial grass solve this problem?

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