Artificial grass is extremely simple and quick to maintain because, unlike natural turf, it requires no more care than cleaning and brush the artificial turf.

How do you brush artificial turf?

You know that artificial turf is low-maintenance, but you do have to keep it clean by brushing it. This not only frees the area in question from dirt, but also causes the fibres to return to their original shape.

The way to do this properly is to brush against the grain or against the direction of the fibres. You can do this periodically and thus keep your artificial grass in good condition. You can do this with a plastic bristle brush or an electric brush, both of which are excellent options.

¿Cómo se cepilla el césped artificial?

Tips for cleaning artificial grass

  • Sweep the artificial grass against the grain or against the fiber.
  • Water the lawn once every one or two months, this action removes dust, pollen and dirt.
  • Dried leaves do not harm the lawn, but they do affect the appearance of the lawn and lend themselves to insects hiding underneath.
  • Collect your pets’ waste and then clean it up with plenty of water.
  • A mixture of water and ammonia is very helpful in removing stubborn stains.
  • Add silica sand to the artificial grass, before doing so it is advisable to brush the grass and water it. When you have finished discharging the sand, fill in any holes and unevennesses.
  • The mixture of white vinegar and water is a great help in removing food stains or other organic waste.
  • Artificial grass is fireproof, but it prevents barbecue embers from falling on it, the fire will not spread but the high temperature will melt the synthetic fibres.
  • Use a sanitizer, clean your lawn and disinfect it.

How to sweep and comb your artificial grass, step by step

  1. Brush the artificial turf against the direction of the fibers, this will cause leaves, branches, and any other dirt to lift and be exposed for later collection.
  2. This activity not only leaves the grass clean, but also restores the vertical shape of the fibers, eliminating any trace of footprints or furniture marks that have been on the grass.
  3. If you have dry leaves on your lawn, use a wet rake to make collection easier and faster.
  4. Process to collect the rest of the trash removed from the bottom of the lawn.

Cómo barrer y peinar el césped artificial, paso a paso 

How to buy the brush to sweep the artificial grass?

There are brushes or brooms available on the market to clean the artificial grass. To keep your grass in good condition and extend its life, it is important that you use these tools.

There are many special tools dedicated to artificial turf, there are different models and designs, it is only necessary that after acquiring them you use them as they should be used.

What about after brushing?

When you have finished brushing, it would be a good idea to remove any dust and debris with water. Water the lawn evenly but do not apply too much water to ensure a good cleaning finish.

If any stains remain after brushing and watering, you can apply neutral soap and water by rubbing with a cloth or mop. You may find a piece of chewing gum, use a piece of ice to remove it and rub hard.

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